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Rejuvenation at OneLife – Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

‘To restore your body to form & function or repair environmental damage.’

‘Our OneLife doctors & medical professionals offer a fantastic range of treatments, which can be discussed during your personalised OneLife Circle Consultation.’

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Skin Care

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Plastic Surgery

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Book in to see our Aesthetic Practitioner or a full 360 Circle OneLife Consultation.

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Skin Care

Skin Systems

Only available with prescriptions from one of our Guides these systems are designed to transform your skin. All prices include a skin check up consultation at 6 weeks. For these systems and other skin care products please view our shop at

£149 Obagi CLENZIderm
£240 Obagi NuDerm
£369 Obagi-C Rx

Advanced Skin Treatments

We offer a full range of skin care treatments including the following
Chemical Peels








Anti-Aging Injections

Botulinum toxins designed to stop movement induced damage to the skin, create and lift and stop sweating.
£195 1 Area
£295 2 Areas
£395 3 Areas
£395 Chemical Brow Lift
£595 Chemical Neck Lift
£595 Hyperhidrosis 1 Area






Dermal Filler

Hyaluronic acid filler placed in anatomically exact positions to create volume, lift or even complete facial transformation.
£395 1ml Dermal Filler


Restorative Surgery

Prices for Restorative Plastic Surgery vary greatly. When you attend your consultation you will be issued with an accurate quotation dependant on your individual needs. Surgical options include:
Bilateral Breast Augmentation
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Remove & Replace Implants
Upper Blepharoplasty
Lower Blepharoplasty
Thigh reduction
Arm reduction













Start your restoration journey with a consultation 

Discuss any of your restoration requirements with our Consultation Plastic Surgeon Mr Matthew Pywell. If booking for advanced skin treatments or non-surgical treatments you will receive a £200 credit towards your in-clinic treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book a Consultation?2022-01-21T12:27:57+00:00

If you are looking for skin care then we would recommend booking a Circle Consultation so you can have a complete skin assessment alongside a nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach. An hour with each Expert individually would come to over £500 but we are currently offering the Circle Consultation at a very cost effective price of £99. However, if you wish to have a non-surgical treatments or plastic surgery we would recommend booking a rejuvenation consultation. The £250 consultation fee is redeemable against any non-surgical treatments performed during your initial consultation.

How Does My Rejuvenation Specialist Link in With the Other Experts at Onelife?2022-01-21T12:28:26+00:00

Your rejuvenation specialist will focus on your skin care routine, skin resurfacing treatments and in some cases plastic surgery. In order to optimise these results close collaboration with our team of nutritionists is vital. Incorporating supplements such as collagen can help to produce youthful looking skin and high protein diets can speed up recovery after surgery. If you are looking to have body restoration surgery after pregnancy then once the muscles have been tightened your plastic surgeon will work with your personal trainer to devise a work out regime designed to restore and increase core strength. All of our OneLife and OneLuxe packages include a discussion of your care at our monthly multidisciplinary team meeting and a free report will be sent to you with suggestions on how other Experts may be able to help.

Why Is Plastic Surgery Offered as Part of a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic?2022-01-21T12:31:01+00:00

When people think of plastic surgery they often think of breast enlargement and similar cosmetic procedures. We find it is better to consider plastic surgery as restorative surgery. In our experience we have seen patients who have made themselves unwell on extreme diet and exercise regimes to still be left with stubborn areas of fat which require liposuction to remove. We have also seen patients build core strength after pregnancy with exercise alone when what they really need is a surgical repair of the muscles that have torn during trauma or pregnancy. There are many other situations where a holistic approach, including the opinions of a plastic surgeon, come in very handy.

What Is a Rejuvenation Specialist?2022-01-21T12:24:26+00:00

A rejuvenation specialist is a medial professional qualified to administer prescription strength skin care and non surgical treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. Mr Matthew Pywell is also a qualified specialist plastic surgeon and can offer the full range of plastic surgery services. If you have specific requirements please make them known at the time of booking so we can schedule the right appointment for you.

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