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Nutrition at OneLife – Experience Our ‘Precision Nutrition’ Programme

‘Create a nutrition plan tailored to your micro-biome, blood levels & DNA to feel good on the inside & look good on the outside.’

By combining nutritional expertise with medical & psychological support we offer so much more than a traditional nutritional consultation.
Book your OneLife Circle Consultation for customised supplement recommendations, focused testing & your own ‘Precision Nutrition’ plan.

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Step One –

Focused Testing

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Step Two –

Personalised Nutritional Advice

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Step Three –

Medical and Psychological Support

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Book in to see our Nutritionist or a full 360 Circle OneLife Consultation.

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Work with our nutritionist to target a specific goal such as weight, energy, stress, skin care and others. This package includes the basics to  get you started on your journey at OneLife.

  • 1x 1hr consultation

  • 1x 30 minute consultation

  • Personalised nutritional well-being plan

  • Personalised supplement recommendations


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A more in-depth education about nutritional heath to provide a deeper understanding of how digestion and hormonal health impact your weight, energy, skin and other metabolic issues.

  • 2x 1hr consultations

  • 2x 30 minute consultations

  • Personalised nutritional well-being plan to include digestive and hormonal health

  • Personalised supplement recommendations

  • DNA analysis

  • Unlimited email access to your nutritionist for advice (monitored 5 days a week)*

  • Complete integration with your PT, Life Coach and Rejuvenation Specialist either at OneLife or externally

  • Monthly report from our OneLife Monthly Multi-Disciplinary Meeting


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A complete overhaul on the way you think about nutrition. Gain an understanding of how detoxification, digestion, hormonal imbalance and neurological status affect your well-being and learn what you can to optimise them.

  • 3x 1hr consultations

  • 3x 30 minute consultations

  • Comprehensive personalised nutritional well-being strategy

  • Personalised nutrigenomic

  • DNA analysis

  • Gut microbiome analysis

  • Unlimited email access to your nutritionist for advice (monitored 5 days a week)*

  • Complete integration with your PT, Life Coach and Rejuvenation Specialist either at OneLife or externally

  • Monthly report from our OneLife Monthly Multi-Disciplinary Meeting


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book a Consultation?2022-01-21T12:08:10+00:00

We would recommend booking a Circle Consultation so you can have a complete assessment alongside a personal trainer, life coach and rejuvenation specialist. An hour with each Expert individually would come to over £500 but we are currently offering the Circle Consultation at a very cost effective price of £99. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to book an appointment solely with a nutritionist this is also available. To book either appointment please click on the book now button below.

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Do You Offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy?2022-01-21T11:26:24+00:00

Yes. Another benefit of being a doctor-led lifestyle medicine clinic is that we can also prescribe testosterone replacement therapy. We will perform a blood test to measure hormone levels and if you have sufficiently low levels then we would prescribe testosterone. Your nutritionist can also discuss ways of increasing your own testosterone production through diet.

Do You Offer Weight Loss Injections Such as Ozempic and Saxenda?2022-01-21T11:24:11+00:00

Yes. Since we are a doctor-led lifestyle medicine clinic our medical professionals are able to prescribe adjuncts to help with weight loss. However, these medications should not be considered as a quick fix and only work when combined with a good nutritional and exercise plan.

How Does My Nutritionist Link in With the Other Experts at Onelife?2022-01-21T11:23:08+00:00

If your aim is to lose weight or build muscle, your nutritionist will work with our personal trainers to integrate your nutritional and fitness plan to optimise these changes. If you are suffering from low energy levels your nutritionist can also liaise with our life coaches to see if there are any other avenues that need to be explored. Your nutritionist can also liaise with life coaches to tackle ’emotional eating’ or to target neurotransmitter imbalances with specific foods and mood enhancing supplements. Finally, your skin quality is very dependant on what you eat and your nutritionist will work with your rejuvenation expert to combine a good diet and supplementation with a good rejuvenation regime to really maximise your results. All of our OneLife and OneLuxe packages include a discussion of your care at our monthly multidisciplinary team meeting and a free report will be sent to you with suggestions on how other Experts may be able to help.

What Is the Difference Between Functional Testing and Genetic Testing?2022-01-21T11:20:42+00:00

Functional testing involves looking at biomarkers in your stool, saliva and blood to assess how your body is currently functioning. Genetic testing looks at your DNA to find variations that may affect how your body functions either now or in the future. By using a combination of functional and genetic testing we can get a good picture of your current status and potential for improvement which allows us to develop the best nutritional plan for you.

What Does a Nutritionist Do?2022-01-21T11:18:03+00:00

In general, nutritionists provide evidence based information and guidance about the effects of food and supplementation on your health and well-being. Nutritionists particularly focus on optimising energy levels, metabolism, thyroid function, female and male hormones as well as sleep, mood and stress levels that are all linked with nutritional status. At OneLife, our nutritionists are encouraged to perform functional and genetic testing to further tailor this advice to your individual requirements.

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